Special Needs


All children should have equal opportunities within the education system and have the right to be educated and develop their full potential alongside each other.


Equal Opportunities


It is the policy of Heaton Nursery School that there be NO DISCRIMINATION in the admission and operation of the nursery as to race, colour, creed, age, disability, sex, religion, marital status, ethnic or national origin or political belief.


Management of Behaviour


We aim to offer a calm, relaxed and caring environment to all children in our care. We recognise that children can and will take responsibility for their own behaviour. We also recognise that children need both boundaries and structure. Our policy on discipline is a balance between home and ourselves. Physical punishment of any kind is absolutely forbidden. Nursery staff will deliver positive attitudes and reinforce desirable behaviour. The ultimate in the process would result in a ‘Time out’.


Parental Involvement


Parents/carers/guardians are a necessary and valued part of the nursery community. Together we will work in partnership to provide a consistent and combined approach to education and the child’s development. Opportunities are taken to establish relationships with parents/carers/guardians on an informal basis. We will seek support from parents/carers/guardians to support us during fund raising events. More information is outlined in our Parental Involvement Policy.


Safeguarding Children


The nursery will provide a safe and secure environment where the children are valued, respected, cared for and listened to by the staff. Staff training is ongoing to promote awareness of safeguarding children. The nursery will work alongside all agencies that are concerned over welfare of the child. Our more in-depth Safeguarding Children policy is available at parents/carers/guardians request.


Safety and Security


It is not possible to detail here all the health and safety matters that come up on a day to day basis. Therefore staff and management are constantly mindful of their responsibilities, individually and collectively for the safety of children, themselves and colleagues.


Nursery Fees


To reserve a nursery place there is a registration fee and deposit to pay. Once you child starts nursery the fees are due and payable on the 1st day of every month. One months notice on the 1st of the month is required for a child leaving nursery, or one month’s fees in lieu of such notice.




The nursery is registered with OFSTED and is inspected working to the National Standards. The report is available for parents/carers/guardians at their request.


Daily Reports


Staff complete Daily observation Reports for each child and this includes meals, nappies, sleeps and activities throughout the day or any additional information such as a request for nappies/wipes etc. These are given to the parent when collecting their child.


Fire Drills


Fire drills are held once a month to allow staff and children to become familiar with the routine.


No Smoking


There is an absolute No Smoking policy in the building or on the premises.

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